Exquisite Care for Fine Rugs, Carpets Upholstery, Draperies, Area Rugs & More

We have been the trusted name in preserving the beauty of your fine rugs & upholstery since 2007.

We're The Dust Busters!

When we began our journey in 2007 we looked ahead and saw a path full of challenges and ripe with promise of opportunity. As we progressed on the way of economic empowerment, sometimes altering direction to explore new avenues, at time shedding some of the burden weighing us down. And on occasion finding ourselves at a crossroads, our eyes remaining focused on the course we had set ahead to find fertile ground in which we shall grow.

Let Us Work While You Unwind

Our highly experienced carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians are trained to handle every aspect of your job – and every part of your home – with skill, professionalism, and care. With every job, we strive to meet your expectations – or preferably, exceed them – and thereby build an ongoing relationship that’s based equally on our dedication to your job and your satisfaction with our work.

Get Your Place Cleaned and Healthy

Get the peace of mind knowing that you will have trusted and high-quality professionals doing your residential carpet and upholstery cleaning. We have years of experience in the business

We can tackle all projects, from big to small and provide advice on residential carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Service Areas

lsidingo Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners cc is a Pretoria based Company which was founded in the year 2007, servicing all areas within a Fifty (50) Km Radius of Pretoria CBD. The Company specialises in the steam and Chemical treatment of all surface carpeted areas, which include floor carpeting and wall mounted carpeting.

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